Different Types of Wrinkles, and How to Get Rid of Them

Fine Lines And Wrinkles: Different Types, And How To Prevent Or Get Rid of Them

When you look and feel your best, it’s as if anything in life is possible. You’re able to flow through the day with confidence, ease, and grace.

However, a recent survey revealed that 72% of American women (ages 35 years old and older) say that their confidence levels are directly impacted by the way their skin looks. One of the top skin care concerns for women, according to the survey, are wrinkles.

Women aged 35 years old and up aren’t the only ones worried about the appearance of their skin. A study reported that more than half of women 18 to 24 years old said that they wanted to add ‘wrinkle-defying products’ into their skin care routine. And another poll determined that 3 in 10 women under 35 years old regularly use anti-wrinkle products.

Since we want you to always look and feel your best, let’s take a closer look at the different types of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as how to prevent or get rid of them.

Wrinkles tend to fall into two categories: dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles occur from facial movements, such as laughing, smiling, or squinting, while static wrinkles are pretty much dynamic wrinkles, or fine lines, that decide to stick around for good. That’s because static wrinkles still appear when your facial muscles are relaxed, and you’re not even expressing any emotions.

What’s The Difference Between Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

If you’re wondering if there’s a big difference between fine lines and wrinkles. The answer is: not really.

The depth of the crease in the skin is the major difference between wrinkles and fine lines. As a general rule of thumb, wrinkles tend to be deeper set than fine lines, which usually aren’t as severe. 

What Exactly Are Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

In simplest terms, wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin that naturally appear as you age. Wrinkles usually first appear on your face in areas where your skin folds naturally due to the facial expressions that you make. Therefore, the more expressive you are, the more likely you are to have wrinkles. Sun exposure can also lead to wrinkles appearing on parts of your body that are most exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, such as your face and neck.

Fine lines are small wrinkles that tend to form near areas of your face that move when you make facial expressions. The good news is that fine lines usually aren’t obvious at first glance. In fact, you probably won’t even notice them unless you’re really studying your face in the mirror and looking for fine lines. 

What Causes Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by a weakness in your skin’s foundation. This weakness can be due to a number of factors, such as facial expressions that you tend to make over and over (and then over and over again), your skin naturally becoming less elastic and fragile as you age, exposure to sunlight, your skin type (depending upon whether you’re susceptible to sun damage or not), genetics (some families have more wrinkles than others), and/or smoking, which speeds up the normal aging process of your skin, thus leading to wrinkles. 

Types Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Types Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Some different types of fine lines and wrinkles are…

Forehead wrinkles, or horizontal forehead folds, are one of the top skincare concerns for people aged 25 years old and up.  

Typically caused by many, many years of squinting and frowning, these fine lines and/or deep wrinkles tend to appear between the eyebrows and on the bridge of the nose, across the forehead, and at the corner of the eyes.

These types of wrinkles, which resemble the talons of a crow, are visible in the corners of your eyes, or under your eyes, especially when you smile or laugh.

These types of wrinkles develop around the sides of your mouth, and occasionally, can occur around your eyes.

Peri-oral Wrinkles

These types of wrinkles occur around the mouth and lips, and tend to worsen with time. However, peri-oral wrinkles are treatable.

Marionette Lines

These wrinkles occur at the corners of your mouth down to your chin. It’s possible to minimize marionette lines with cosmetic treatments. 

Chin Creases or Chin Wrinkles

As the name implies, these wrinkles appear between your lower lip and your chin.

6 Ways To Care For Or Prevent Fine Lines And Wrinkles

While fine lines and wrinkles are a normal part of aging, if you don’t like the way your fine lines and wrinkles look, there are things that you can do to care for your fine lines and wrinkles, or possibly even prevent fine lines and wrinkles from occurring in the first place.

Here are 6 ways to care for or prevent fine lines and wrinkles:


Start An Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine should include cleansing and moisturizing your face, especially since moisturizers trap water in your skin, which may help hide tiny lines and wrinkles.


Give Facial Exercises A Try

One study suggests that a daily facial exercise routine can possibly lead to an improved facial appearance over time.


Eat Your Fruits And Veggies

There’s some evidence that certain vitamins found in fruits and vegetables may help protect your skin. One study found that women aged 40 to 70 years old who had a high intake of vitamin C had fewer wrinkles and less age-related dry skin.


Don’t Smoke or Quit Smoking

Smoking slows down your skin’s production of collagen. This is a major problem since collagen is a protein that serves as one of the main building blocks for your bones, skin, hair, muscles, and tendons. To improve your skin tone and texture, and also prevent fine lines and wrinkles, stop smoking as soon as possible. 


Stay Out Of The Sun

Or at least limit the amount of time that you spend in the sun, and use sunscreen! One study found that people who used sunscreen regularly were almost 25% less likely to show increased signs of aging.


Use Toute Nuit facial wrinkle flattening patches

Toute Nuit facial wrinkle flattening patches come in various shapes and sizes in order to address the different types of fine lines and wrinkles. When using Toute Nuit facial wrinkle flattening patches, all you need to do is clean and moisturize your face before bed, apply the patches, and then get a good night’s sleep!