Toute Nuit Testimonials

Find out what others have to say about Toute Nuit Facial Tape

Kat in Louisiana, USA

This company has outstanding customer service. There was a delay in my order and the owner personally worked with me to ship and track my order.
I have tried most of the shapes (you can order a sample pack) and while I have a couple of favorites, all of the patches work on wrinkles anywhere on your face.

As I have reached my 60's and the wrinkles keep coming, these patches are
little miracle workers. I cannot afford the expensive methods of keeping your
skin smooth and truly these patches do the job. You can reuse them (just be sure your face is clean so you don't "pick up" old make-up on the patch). They stay on until you remove them. You will find using a combination of patches can virtually eliminate any wrinkles. Regular use will definitely help defuse wrinkles caused by sleeping on your side.

You have to try these! I highly recommend Tout Nuit and the prices are good

Suzette in New York, USA

I tried Frownies once about 20 years ago but they didn't stick and fell off my face so I threw them away and never used them again. A few years ago I started using Botox, which was okay. But I would have to get new injections twice a year and it was getting expensive. I was also worried about the long term effects of the injections too. I tried and started using Toute Nuit when I discovered them on the web end of 2015. I am happy to say I have not had to go back to Botox. I am thrilled to have found Toute Nuit facial wrinkle patches because they stick, they WORK and they are a natural solution to flattening out wrinkles. They are also comfortable to wear. I wear them at night and many times during the day when working on the computer for long lengths of time (and nobody knows I am wearing them!). I highly recommend Toute Nuit!

Kathi in New Jersey, USA

WOW what quick service, I'm impressed! Actually I have used your product before. My Derm knows how I like to try the newest skin gizmos, so he gave a sample pack to me. LOVED IT  I have tried frownies and hated them I'm using ...whatever the one they advertise on TV...and it's ok, kind of tricky to to get them smooth.  Your product is a dream! Easy to apply, love the material and the biggest plus  IT WORKS.  Cannot wait to get my supply...Have a nice weekend.

Suzanne in Oregon, USA

This 21st century wrinkle patch has been life-changing—especially to those deep “elevens” that have been very difficult to soften!   Having used everything out there (for 20 years+) in my very humble opinion, Tout Nuit is superior to those ’injections’ and the ‘other’ patch that has been around for decades.
Here are some of my reasons:

  1. Toute Nuit patches do not change the skin’s integrity (a good thing)—injections can do that, in my experience.
  2. Toute Nuit patches do not leave your skin until removed by you, or create new wrinkles (like the ‘other’ patch does).
  3. They can be trimmed to fit your personal wrinkle shapes!
  4. This wrinkle-softened state lasts for a day or two.
  5. Because they are nearly invisible, I feel absolutely comfortable wearing Toute Nuit patches away from home.
  6. Toute Nuit is also economical in that I only need to use a new patch once, maybe twice a week; when I take the patch off,  I am surprised to see wrinkles gone!
  7. Toute Nuit patches are a vast improvement over anything I’ve used before!
     I very highly recommend this new product to anyone with wrinkles —established wrinkles or new wrinkles, you will love the help they very gently provide!

Melissa in Georgia, USA

I am very happy with your product! I am one of those people that have the bad habit of squinting and furrowing my brows too often. This has in turn resulted in somewhat pronounced glabellar lines. I am not in any shape or form ready to go the way of Botox so I have been using wrinkle patches which seemed to help. 

I have tried Frownies, didn't care for it at all, I think I threw it out after a day. Then I tried Furlesse but the problem is the patch they have shaped for the glabellar lines are too big for me. Then I tried Facial Smoothies, I liked it but they only sold it as a complete kit so there were too many patches included I didn’t really need and I thought it was wasteful. When I came across your product (Toute Nuit) through Amazon and  was happy to find something that I was looking for and haven’t been disappointed.  I really like it and am happy with my purchase!

I like the size and the fact that you can reuse it at least once and it is clear so it is a bit discreet too! The packaging is gorgeous!