Frequently Asked Questions

Do Toute Nuit patches contain any special ingredients or additives ?

Should I wear Toute Nuit patches only at night or can I wear at other times of the day ?

When can I see results ?

Do I always have to wear a moisturizer under the Toute Nuit patches ?

What happens if I stretch out and flatten my skin before applying Toute Nuit patches ?

Can I trim Toute Nuit patches to fit my facial targeted wrinkle zones better ?

Sometimes the Toute Nuit patches can leave a little glue residue on my face, why does this happen and how do I remove it ?

If I use Toute Nuit do I still need Botox treatments ?

I am having difficulty using the patches more than one time ?

How long are Toute Nuit patches effective when left in their original packaging ?

Are wrinkle patches (wrinkle tape) regulated by the U.S. Government Food & Drug Administration (FDA) ?