Professionals Program

Toute Nuit would like to sell directly to these three groups of professionals:

  1. Skin Esthetician – independent, clinic or beauty salon owners
  2. Dermatologists
  3. Professional Make-up Artists

What do we offer?

  • Bulk packs – stripped down packaging, increased sheet count
  • For use on-the-job by make-up artists, or demonstration (sample sheet to try) by skin estheticians and dermatologists
  • Pre-loaded retail display trays for each patch shape
  • Direct sales to customers in clinics/saloons or patients in dermatologist offices

Additional profit opportunity:

Skin Esthetician – independent, clinic or beauty salon owners

  • Combine sales with other saloon recommended products: cleansers, creams, moisturizers
  • Increases efficacy of skin products by sealing into targeted wrinkle zones
  • Natural alternative to Botox and fillers
  • Helps customers save money on skin care products as Toute Nuit is economical to use daily

Dermatologists – Enhances efficacy of skin care treatments or recommendations

  • Alternative to Botox/fillers for patients that cannot afford it or their skin is too sensitive or damaged
  • Botox extender, wearing TN patches can lengthen the time between injections
  • Seals in skin care products to enhance efficacy

Both groups will help the customer or patient select the right patch shape(s) for their face and targeted wrinkle zones.

Mark-up Artists – Use on the Job, Add to Your Make-up Kit

  • Working in motion picture and TV industry, digital production makes every wrinkle and blemish more visible on screen
  • Photo sessions for models (advertising/PR), weddings, portraits, etc.
  • The root of Toute Nuit goes back to Hollywood, wrinkle patches used to flatten, smooth out facial wrinkle lines before close-ups
  • Wrinkle patches flatten and smooth out fine lines so make-up artists have a flat canvas to paint on!

If you are interested in buying Toute Nuit direct from us at wholesale prices, please contact us at

Toute Nuit will ask you to provide proof of your professional status.