CBS2 New York: August 2, 2015

Patches Promise Quick Delivery of Cutting Edge Beauty Products >>>

Women and some men will try just about anything that promises younger looking skin. The latest craze targets problem spots and promises a youthful glow — with a simple beauty patch.
– By Dana Tyler.

Diane Walder MD Blog: August 26, 2014

Does Tapping Your Face Reduce Wrinkles? >>>

There are a lot of so-called “secrets” to preventing wrinkles, most of which have no chance of actually working. Face-taping is not a new anti-aging technique, but it persists as a theoretically possible way to help treat wrinkles temporarily. So what’s the story? Should you forget the Botox and stick some Scotch Tape on your frown lines?
– By Diane Walder MD.

New York Magazine: April 9, 2013

Can Tapping Your Face Actually Reduce Wrinkles? >>>

Using adhesive to temporarily smooth, tighten, and lift the skin is one of Hollywood’s oldest secrets. Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford both used surgical tape (deftly hidden under wigs) to pull their faces taut, both on film and in real life.
– By Gina Way

Yahoo Beauty News: February 5, 2015

Six Women’s Beauty Products Men Love: Wrinkle Smoother >>>

Even guys don’t like wrinkles. The latex-free, hypoallergenic, and non-invasive face patches are made to fight crow’s feet and nose-to-mouth lines within a few hours.
– By Yahoo Beauty

Alternet: August 24, 2015

Is Your Smart Phone Aging Your Face? 5 Maladies of the Digital Era >>>

Cosmetic surgeons are reporting that more women are developing the dreaded “computer face,” a combination of permanent frown lines, wrinkles around the eyes from squinting, jowls (jowls!) and double necks from looking down for long periods of time.
– By Janet Allon

Toute Nuit Press Releases

Press Release December 3, 2015

Small Screen Squinting Syndrome >>>

Can long-term use of concentrating and squinting at small electronic screens be a cause of facial wrinkles? Ms. Mimiko, a trained skin care products professional, not only believes this is true, but has developed an anti-wrinkle defense system to help prevent and reverse the effects of this harmful trend.