Trial Pack


Not sure which Toute Nuit patch shape works best for you? The Trial Pack allows you to try the Y-shape, Triangle and Curve patches – 12 Y-shape, 18 Triangle, 24 Curve

About Our Packaging

  • Easy to open along perforated line or pull tab strip, folds open to the right.
  • Patch sheets are sealed safely under the patch map and slide out to the right.
  • Tri-fold instruction booklet + plus low friction blue sheet to place patches on between uses.
  • The packaging stores the patches between use to keep them clean and dry.
  • The packaging has a cut out clasp to securely re-close between uses.
  • Everything made in USA
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Toute Nuit facial wrinkle flattening patches are a natural, safe, affordable, convenient way to minimize the negative impression of facial wrinkles. Patches fit comfortably over targeted wrinkle zones, allows for natural face movements without falling off. Nearly invisible (and won’t disturb your sexy time). The patches relax underlying facial muscles (wrinkles are caused primarily by repetitive movements of facial muscles) to flatten deep set wrinkles and smooth out fine lines with repeated use. They also help prevent and slow down the formation of wrinkle lines. Toute Nuit (Toot New+We) is a French expression that means every night, the ideal time to wear the patches while sleeping.A facial reset every morning! For side sleepers the patches help prevent wrinkles from pillow creases. Patches are made from an odorless transparent medical grade plastic tape, hypo-allergenic with small square perforations, allows for some air porosity. No additives. No latex. It is highly recommend to apply any preferred non-greasy moisturizer on the skin in the targeted wrinkle zone before pressing the patches into place. This helps prevent it from rubbing off or evaporating to infuse it into the skin to increase its efficacy. Patches can be reused 2-3 times; between uses place on provided low friction blue storage sheet. Non-invasive alternative to BOTOX and fillers.Economical, patch shapes can be bought separately to minimize waste. Reduces stress and minimizes facial muscle movements while interacting with tablets or smart phones (relief from small screen squinting syndrome), working on laptop at home or in the office, performing chores around the house and even while driving. The patches provide a sense of relaxation too. Originally designed and developed in Japan by a Japanese make-up artist and skin care specialist Ms. Mimiko with 35 years of professional experience in Tokyo and Hollywood. Toute Nuit is made in the USA and distributed by MIMIKO Inc.