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Toute Nuit Reduces Facial Wrinkles With Specially Shaped Patches

Toute Nuit is a facial wrinkle flattening patch that is applied over wrinkles as an active and/or preventative measure for reducing facial wrinkle lines. Toute Nuit comes in 4 different shapes (Curve, Triangle, Y-shape and Jet) to optimize fitting different parts of the face comfortably.

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Who is Toute Nuit For?

Toute Nuit is for men or women looking for active and preventative measures to reduce facial wrinkle lines. Although results vary based on age and skin health, Toute Nuit is recommended for people between age 28 – 65. Toute Nuit can also be used in combination with other treatments such as Botox as supplementary care.

For best results, it is recommended to start using Toute Nuit daily in your late 20s – early 30s as a preventative measure before deep wrinkle lines form. At ages 40+ Toute Nuit can be applied over facial wrinkle lines to hide their appearance and prevent them from deepening, but is not a solution to permanently removal.

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recommended ages 28 – 65 (men & women)

How does Toute Nuit work?

Toute Nuit works by giving your facial muscles and skin a support structure to relax and regenerate. It also helps trap moisture in the skin, which is a vital part to skin health and longevity. Toute Nuit patches are made from a non-invasive, skin safe, hypoallergenic medical grade tape with small perforations that allow for air porosity, easy application and removal. The patches are transparent and blend in with your skin so they are not noticeable.

Skin closeup showing how Toute Nuit flattening patches work

Product Features:

Toute Nuit About Us Feature Image 1
Gentle and Non-invasive

prevents and flattens wrinkle lines

Toute Nuit About Us Feature Image 2
Infuses Skin

your favorite moisturizer

Toute Nuit About Us Feature Image 3
Breathable & Hypoallergenic

micorperforated medical grade tape

Toute Nuit About Us Feature Image 4
Flexible & Comfortable

designed fit wrinkle zones

Toute Nuit About Us Feature Image 5

nearly invisible

Toute Nuit About Us Feature Image 6
Wear Overnight

every night for best results

How to Use:

Toute Nuit should be used daily and only involves 3 simple steps:

Step 1 Clean & Moisturize Clean & Moisturize

Clean and dry your face, then apply a thin layer of non-greasy moisturizer.

Step 2 Apply Patches Apply Patches

Relax your face and gently press patches into place over targeted wrinkle lines.

Step 3 Get Sleep Get Sleep

Wear overnight for best results and remove in the morning.

WRINKLE TYPE curve triangle y-shape jet dolphin grooves

Forehead Wrinkles

horizontal forehead folds

Frown Lines

between eyebrows

Crow’s Feet

corners of eyes

Laugh Lines

nasolabial folds between moth + nose

Peri-oral Wrinkles

occuring around moth + lips

Marionette Lines

corners of mouth down to chin

Chin Crease

between lower lip + chin